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Jussu Juice : Common FAQs

1.What is the ozone fruit & vegetable washing process?
Ozone fruit & vegetable washing process is capable of destroying pesticides and chemical residues in wash water and on produce. Implementing an ozone washing process reduces the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens.


2. What is the difference between Cetrifugal (fast juicer) vs Masticating (slow juicer) vs hydraulic cold press juicers?
Both centrifugal and masticating juicers extract juice from produce by forcing it against a sharp screen. A centrifugal juicer uses centrifugal force (by spinning very fast). Masticating juicer uses a slow turning screw to force the produce against the screen. A much better alternative that Jussu uses is the hydraulic cold press juice machine, done in a two-step grinding and pressing process. This method produces the highest quality, most nutrient dense juice.


3. What’s the environmental impact?
The containers that we provide our juices in are PETE #1 plastic bottles which are recyclable.


4. Can I drink Jussu juice after it passes the expiration date?
No, we do not recommend drinking any Jussu juice product after it has expired.


5. Can my kids drink Jussu juice?
Of course! We’ve designed the taste so that kids love the juices too.


6. Is Jussu juice kosher/halal?
All our products are certified halal by JAKIM.


7. Can I drink Jussu juice if I am diabetic?
While you should check with your doctor first, the answer is usually “NO” because of the amount of natural sugar in the fruit that is used to make our juices.


8. Can I drink Jussu juice if I am lactose intolerant?
Of course! All Jussu juice products are dairy-free.


9. Can I drink Jussu juice if I am on a Gluten-free diet?
Yes! Again! All of our products are gluten-free.


10. Can I drink Jussu juice if I’m pregnant?
We use High Pressure Processing (HPP) which retains food quality, maintains natural freshness and extends shelf life without heating to ultra high temperatures. After our juice is bottled,a high level of cold pressure is applied to destroy potentially harmful pathogens, ensuring the juice is safe to drink while preserving the nutritional properties. We have heard of many pregnant/nursing women drinking our juice, however, we recommend speaking with your doctor first.


11. Is there any added sugar, water, and preservatives in Jussu juice products?
Absolutely no. We pledged and committed that we will never add in any added sugar, water, or preservatives in our products.


12. Do Jussu juice products require to be kept chilled?
Yes, all our products need to be kept chilled constantly between 0 to 4 degree celsius.


13. What is the chilled shelf life of Jussu juice?
Thanks to the High Pressure Processing (HPP) process, all of our juices have up to 60 days chilled shelf life from the date of production.


14. Why do your juices have such a long shelf life?
Our juices go through HPP (High Pressure Processing) that helps:
(A) Eliminate harmful bacteria
(B) Retains vitamins and minerals
(C) Extend shelf life by up to 2 months
(D) Retain natural taste and colour.


15. How much is the delivery charge?
(A) Shipping charge is free within Klang Valley and selected Selangor areas if an order is more than RM100. 
(B) For orders below RM100, the delivery fee of RM15.00 applies for Klang Valley and selected Selangor areas.
(C) For outstation delivery, please contact us for outstation delivery fee.


16. When will my delivery arrive?
All orders will be delivered within 1 to 3 working days. Please expect a delay in any orders placed during the holiday season.