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Welcome to Kara F&B Productions Sdn Bhd. Since 2016, we’ve been producing exceptional products at the best value. Through comprehensive client support, adherence to the highest quality standards and use of the latest technologies for production, we’ve established ourselves as one of the pioneers in the Foods & Beverages manufacturing industry with Non-Thermal process.

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Our Services

Natural Process (Non-Thermal)

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HPP Processing (Cold- Pressured Pasteurized)

HPP Tolling Service

Ozone Wash

Fresh Produce & Helps to reduce Pesticides and Chemical

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Good Nature Cold Pressed Extractor

Cold-Pressed Juicing


Kara F&B Productions Sdn Bhd Production Process

Unbeatable Quality

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Superior Quality Control

As part of our rigorous manufacturing process, we make sure each product is flawless before it goes on sale. With this feature, we can guarantee our commitment to excellence with every single product.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

When it comes to great products, a strong foundation is essential. We’re known for our quality standards, and always make sure this feature is one of the most important focuses for our team.

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First-Rate Materials

Efficiency, reliability, consistency - these are the three pillars helping us stand high above all our competitors. This feature ensures that we maintain this standing and provide quality products at fair prices.



Valued Partnerships

We provide a wide range of food processing services to our valued clients. HPP Tolling, OEM of Fresh Juices, Pre-washed and Pre-cut fruits & Vegetables, and supply of premium HPP fresh juice


OEM HPP Fresh Juices

Jaya Grocer

Supply Fresh Fruit Juice

La Juiceria

HPP Tolling on Raw Juices

Cool Juice

HPP Tolling on Raw Juices

Dulai Fruits

HPP Tolling on Durian Paste

Snow Berry

HPP Tolling on Durian Paste


HPP Tolling + Processing on Protein Juice


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